Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts internationally.

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The Character Thinks Ahead: the latest intermedia piece (2016/7) by Hazel Smith, Roger Dean, and austraLYSIS, uses personalised computational deep learning techniques to generate some of the displayed text, and is now online. We are researching the nature of the text transformations and their impact in continuing work.  

International Shortlisting: in July 2017 our earlier work novelling (Luers, Smith, Dean), which is a recombinant digital novel (text, image, video, sound) published by Binary Press (Ireland), was shortlisted for the international TurnONLiterature prize. Consequently during the remainder of 2017 it will be seen by an estimated 100,000 people on display in libraries in Denmakr, Norway and Romania.

USA: novelling was also shown in the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, July 20-23 2017.   

Portugal: at the Electronic Literature Organisation conference at Pessoa University, Porto, (July 2017) we performed the sonic version of The Character Thinks Ahead at Manuel Passos film theatre. We also presented a research talk on personalised manipulation of deep learning for text generation, together with stylometric evaluation, suggesting that we achieved our target of producing text distinct from either the learned corpus (20th century poetry including translations of Pessoa), or the input material from Hazel Smith which was used to seed the computational generation.   

South Africa:  Inter-State, an installation by Keith Armstrong and team, with sound by Roger Dean of austraLYSIS, showed at The Mesh, Stegmann Gallery, Sasol Library, UFS, Bloemfontein, South Africa, Jul 17th- Aug 11th, 2017 (an official event of Vrystaat Kunstefees/Arts Festival/Tsa-Botjhaba).  

UK: austraLYSIS, in the form of Torbjorn Hultmark (soprano trombone, electronics) and Roger Dean (piano, electronics), perform in the UK in September and October 2017. Venues: Milton Keynes (September), Birmingham, Kingston, London (October). The program includes Hultmark's A Brief Note (2012), for soprano trombone and piano, Dean's Vocal Shafts (2016) for soprano trombone, digital sound and electronics and his Piano Stones (2002) for piano and electronics. In the austraLYSIS tradition, there will also be an improvisation by Hultmark and Dean.