Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts internationally.



We participate in the New Music Network. In September-October 2017, we will perform in the UK with our European member Torbjorn Hultmark. We collaborate on new work with Keith Armstrong (installation and video, Australia); Sieglinde Karl-Spence(image, installation, Australia); Will Luers (video, USA: work image) and Joanna Still (ceramics, installation, UK). We presented The Character Thinks Ahead , on Sunday November 20 2016 at the Sydney Conservatorium: programMore on other activities.

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The austraLYSIS Electroband

Roger Dean, composer/improviser

Hazel Smith, writer/performer

Members of austraLYSIS

from Hypnagogia (Will Luers/austraLYSIS, 2013)


Past activities

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  Other links soundsRite, a journal of creative intermedia work (sound, text and image): VOLUME 8 featuring Brigid Burke JUST PUBLISHED (Dec 2016).

austraLYSIS is based in Sydney and London. Contact: PO Box 225, Milperra, NSW 2214, Sydney, Australia. Tel + 61 481 309612;
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